Hi friends, I’m Beth Bridges, owner of eBridge Marketing, but it’s highly likely that you already know me as The Networking Motivator™, a speaker and author of the Amazon top-selling book “Networking on Purpose.”

You might also know that I have had a long career in marketing and that I consult with small businesses on marketing, SEO (getting your website to rank), Google Adwords and content development.

What you might not know is that I’m pulling together all of my wide-ranging digital marketing skills, creativity and history of working with small businesses to bring you Program & Product Development Coaching.

"Thanks for your help! You sure make it seem easy. I think BETH is an acronym for Best Encourager To Have!" ~ Janie Jurkovich, Author & Owner of Golden Spiral Press

My Program & Product Development Coaching is designed for:

  • Small business owners who want to add a digital product to their offerings
  • Coaches who have been doing 1 on 1 coaching, but want to add products or courses
  • Business owners who want to create coaching programs, training services or products

It used to be that if you had a skill, you could just start doing it for others … either through coaching or consulting.

Frankly, that’s exactly what I did when I started this business – I leveraged my large and responsive network to simply make a few announcements that I was taking on clients and Voila! I had plenty.

But two things happened:

  • First, I experienced a terrible personal loss
  • Second, I realized that it wasn’t scalable! I was trading time for money and that puts quite the limit on your income.

That’s when I began developing my own digital programs including Rapid Results Networking and The Networking Motivator’s Networking Plan Masterclass.

Again, for total transparency, you need to know that these program are still in their early marketing and redevelopment stages.

But there's no one better to work with than someone who is doing for themselves what they are doing for you!

Right now, I’ve got some wonderful clients who are about to unleash some amazing programs on the world and now I’m opening up room for just TWO MORE …

This is right for you if you want to:

  • Start building an additional stream of income by creating and selling digital or print products that don’t depend on your time.
  • Or want to leverage digital products, courses or training to build your coaching and consulting business.
  • AND you are overwhelmed by the digital marketing options of websites, CRMs, product hosting tools, funnel-building and more.

Introducing my Program and Product Development Coaching.

My coaching program includes 2 coaching sessions (in person or via Zoom) per month ( usually 1 – 2 hours, depending on getting to a clear next step/stopping point) and  emails or phone calls as needed to look at your progress, provide feedback or answer a question, for example.
We will work on:
  • Framework development ( “The Five Part Networking Success Plan” for example).
  • Product development (i.e. “The Time Harmony Tool” for example)
  • Marketing or tech stack development – i.e. how to choose / set up your flow of ad or traffic platform / source, your product delivery platform, payment platform, etc.
  • Ongoing product / service marketing strategies
I CAN work with you on specific technical things such as setting up your platforms, writing content or other technical services IF it’s done within the sessions. Additional work outside of those will be at a discount from my hourly) rate and will be clearly discussed and agreed to before anything is done.
The monthly investment is $495 / month.
There is no lengthy contract. But this obviously isn’t a “one and done” kind of deal so I also won’t be doing “on one month and off the next” in part because that will drive me crazy and also because  that won’t get anyone moving forward with momentum!
If you’re ready to develop something that will:
  • Increase your income without increasing your hours working
  • Build your reputation and your clientele
  • And will  help you help more people and build a legacy

Then get started now.


I built my own brand as an author and business networking speaker (try a Google search for Beth Bridges or The Networking Motivator) using just a few strategies, but I worked those strategies hard!

I’ll do the same for you.

I’ll find and help you develop your own coaching program, products or even write and publish your book (I’ve published five so far).

I’ve done traditional marketing – direct mail, advertising, events, etc. – for over 25+ years.

I’ve been specializing in:

  • Digital Marketing (growing your visibility online)
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization (improving your search engine rankings to grow traffic to your website)
  • Content Marketing (creating and leveraging articles, books, blog posts, videos, and infographics to attract attention and interest to your website and showcase you as an expert)
  • Website Content Development (creating or editing content for your new or redesigned website)


I’m also a Personal Branding expert, having established myself as a local and nationally-known networking authority. You MUST have a positive and authentic personal brand if you’re a consultant, coach, solopreneur, or CEO who is the face or name of the business.

I can help you increase your authority, visibility, and recognition as an expert in the community so that YOU are the obvious, “go to” choice, just like I am for networking.


I’m going to bring on just a  TWO NEW clients right now (as of December 2019 / January 2020) so I can provide each one of you with boutique-level consulting and coaching services.

I’m not blasting out my availability to the entire world …  I’m using networking.

  • I once found a new job with just ONE email.
  • The last two jobs I had, I was the only person they “interviewed.”
  • My first consulting client came from ONE Facebook post.



I’ve learned that the work you do is not nearly as important as the people you work with! It’s incredibly important that I find clients who are the right fit for me… and whom I can help with my energy, enthusiasm, and expertise.

Is this you?

Let’s talk. Email me at or call me at (559) 384-0024.

But don’t wait … I’m activating my network right now!

Want to know more before you make a decision?

If you’ve been referred by a friend, or you found me some other way, and you don’t know me, here’s a little bit more:

I’m Beth Bridges of eBridge Marketing.

I’ve been in marketing for 25 years.

The “e” stands for expertise, enthusiasm, engagement, experience, and effectiveness.


Chamber of Commerce Executive

I am well-known in Clovis, Fresno and the Central Valley for spending over a decade as the Membership Director and Chief Networking Officer of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce. I made a huge impact in the community – on a shoestring budget.

I marketed chamber membership and developed events that became some of the most popular business activities in the valley. One of my favorites – Speed Networking – sold out 5x a year for 10 years!

I also consulted with and advised hundreds of small businesses on their marketing and networking efforts.


Published Author and Speaker

During my time with the chamber, I created, ran, or took part over 2,500 networking events! So it’s highly likely that you know me as The Networking Motivator, a speaker and the author of “Networking on Purpose.”

I’ve trained thousands of people to use networking as a massively-leveraged marketing and branding strategy.

I’ll be leveraging many of the same marketing strategies for YOU that I used to make myself the leading authority in North America for chamber of commerce networking.


I.T. Company Marketing V.P.

I left the chamber because I was snapped up by an aggressively-growing I.T. start-up style business. I spent 2 ½ years there and built huge prospect lists, managed website development, SEO, and print campaigns, launched a complete rebrand, and even ghost-wrote a book!

That’s where I fine-tuned my digital marketing and SEO skills.

But it’s also been a bit of a secret that this is not my first online marketing and SEO venture.

I was on the leading edge of using the internet for business when I started my first web design and SEO company nearly 20 years ago!

I’ve been a social media and digital marketing geek ever since.